torstai 30. lokakuuta 2008


This flower i got form a certain someone. It was a great day.

It's been a long and tiring day. I woke up at four in the morning, didn't get much sleep after that. Although i slept a little in the afternoon while i was watching tv.

I'm going to a halloween party on saturday, and i was thinking i could dress up as cupid. With the golden dress from yesterday and all.. But then again there's a sale in local uff stores: every item 5e tomorrow. so i could go and buy something weird. Like an old wedding dress and make it into like a corpses bride-thing.. dunno, have to think about it and maybe go through some second hand stores.

keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2008

Second hand shopping

There's a surprise in the mirror.

This is my hour on 25.10.2008 13-14. I did some waiting.

I found this purse and belt froma second hand store, and my mom was kind and got them for me.

She also got me a golden dress, which i modified today. It was an 80´s shoulderpadded longsleeved dress with bright golden buttons on the front. I changed it so that the buttons are in the backside, and i sowed new buttons on it, and also allaround changed the style of the dress. I really like it now.

I've been hanging with my two cats and also my sisters cat, who's spending time at our place. She's my Taunos sister. Helmi and Kissa are having a little trouble getting along, but they're not fighting.

tiistai 28. lokakuuta 2008


Since I've been asked to continue in english, i'm going to. tai ehkä kirjoitan sekä-että. Today i've been at school again, we made fotograms today. We were asked to portray an hour of last saturday in them. I got 13-14. I'm going to try take a picture of it, but i don't know if it'll work.

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2008


I thought i'd change into finnish for a while.
Sain idean lauantaina, ja se ikuistettiin heti kuvaan.

Tänään olen taas tehnyt koulussa kaikenmoisia savijuttuja ja muuta. Sitten olin siskona kanssa vähän kaupungilla, mutta oltiin kummatkin hurjan väsyneitä. Kun pääsin kotiin, nukahdin heti. Lisäksi viisaudenhampaan jättämää aukkoa kolottaa. Se on kurjaa. Ja sääkin on.

Mutta, nyt olen täällä sohvalla with my special someone. Aletaan kattomaan Project runwayta, jota tuo mielitiettyni tuossa on tuntikaupalla ladannut netistä. Mutta ahahahahahaaa se olikin väärä jakso! :DD

Tarkennuksena vielä: minä en ole pyytänyt osaa ladattavaksi, vaan joku muukin tykkää muotiohjelmasta. <3 :)

sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2008

Avec gaieté

So we made dinner, Janica, Teemu and myself. It was fun, And the food was good.

And we looked at some old pictures of some good old times. I had them made into papercopies a month or so back, it's always better to have pictures made, otherwise they get lost in the bitjungle.

And we went to my friends housewarming party, and after that to a bar called Helmi. We didn't stay up too ate though, but it was fun. I've really liked my hair this way.

Janica and Teemu also came to the housewarming party, but they felt kinda tired so they went home a bit before we did.

Today i'm going to be working at an election committee, since it's election day here.

lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2008

Exchange worries

This picture is quite old. It was taken a little bit after i met the guy i married. I just found it from my archives. :)

Today My bestest friend Is coming over with her husband, and we're going to make ourselves a dinner. I also have some wine in my fridge. My husband (it's a little bit weird writing that all the time, so from now on he's going to be called H.) is going to an ice-hockey game with his dad.

Well, tonight is going to be a good one, friends and food. Although the empty space in my mouth where my tooth used to be aches a little.

torstai 23. lokakuuta 2008


I've been tired all evening. I didn't sleep well last night, and i got tired at school. I've started a new thing out of clay, it's pottery this time. It's quite big, and it was surprisingly physical making it, keeping arms up all the time. Also once clay hardens it's hard to work with it.

I've been a little worried today over my exchange next spring. I'd hate it if it made anyone feel bad, most of all my husband. And his parents and also mine. Ah well, i just have to talk things over with everyone.

Oohkay, i have to go now, there's a weird guy in a cape here. :)

Oh and i'm getting a tooth pulled out tomorrow..!! EEEk.

keskiviikko 22. lokakuuta 2008

Second hand shopping

Today was a difficult day when it comes to choosing what to wear. First i wore this dress, which i bought from our art unis christmas sale last year. I also took with me the green dress i bought yesterday, so that my friends could say if they thought it was the right size, which they did, and I'm happy about that, cause i like it.

Then i had a hard time choosing shoes: red or black!!! OMG, was i in a pickle!

Well, then i went to school, and my friend told me she had reserved some shoes at a second hand store, and she wasn't going to buy them, so i could go see if i liked them. And i did, and i bought them. Aren't they just super!

I also found this cardigan someone has knitted. I love it, but i have to either change the buttons or sow it's buttonholes smaller.

And ALSO i bought this dress for under 5€, it fits like a dream. And i bought a black leather bag, but i didn't take a picture on it. So, even though it was hard to decide what to wear, it was also lucky that i found all these things for a bargain price. Yay! :)

At school i did some claywork. My friend Janica asked me to make her a head of clay, which i actually might like to do.
Ok, I'm off to hug a certain someone who just came home.

tiistai 21. lokakuuta 2008


I went shopping today with my sister. I would have preferred second-hand stores, but since she didn't have time to cruise around the city we stayed in the center of the city. No matter, i found some really nice things, like this bead spread. I've always liked it, but it has been too expensive, but this time they had a 20% off offer, and also since this one had little specks on it it was extra 15% off, so it was a lot cheaper.

I also found this shirt on sale. I like it a lot, the roses on it and all. <3

This dress i bought from Mango. It's sadly a little too tight.. But i bought it anyway, cause i think it will strech... atleast i hope it will. I really hope i don't look like an ass in it, cause i love it. :) The color, the cut, the rosette.. But we'll see if it'll be wearable.

I think it looks super with my heels and read lipstick.

maanantai 20. lokakuuta 2008

New hairdo!

I cut my hair today! I'm going to dye it later, but that's not going to change it much, it'll just take care of the roots. But i love the cut!! i cut it myself, and i'm sure i'll find some long hair still persisting to stay, but i'll take care of that situation as it appears. :DD

Artsclass and wiews

I was at our arts classroom working today aswell.

This is my claywoman now. I only changed her eyes a bit.

Weather was super, in the morning it was really clear and the sky was blue. But then it got darker, and suddenly we noticed how amazing the light was: sky was dark, but sun was shining on the rooftops, and made them sparkle.

sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2008


Some time ago i bought a notebook from a second hand store. It's called Le Petit Romantique. I've only just today started learning the songs in it. 

Even though it resonates a little, I've put some decorative pieces on my piano (wich i got as a present from my dad <3),>

Helmi likes to sleep on the white blanket.

First song is called Chanson Tendre.

This picture's from our annual academic dinner. I just love red lipstick and also that dress, it's vintage.

lauantai 18. lokakuuta 2008


I walked home, my friends went to a bar, but i felt more like going home since it was close by and i have things to do tomorrow. Might have been fun to go, but i thought i woud propably just have had a a beer or to and them wanted to go home anyways.

It was beautifull out, even though it was dark. I love my neighbourhood, old wooden buildings and narrow streets with apple trees.

Moon shone bright.

Tauno was happy to see me home. He did somersaults.

As was Helmi. They kissed a bit. It's weird how good their hearing is: thwy can always tell when it's me or my husband coming.

This is what my book turn up. There are more pictures below.

Evening in Kumpula

We started with some coffee, marshamallows and chocolates.

Candlelight is the best when evenings are getting darker.

This is one of the covers of our books. We each brought one book, and other people customised it for the person who it belonged to. I haven't looked at mine yet, it's really exiting.

This is me, wearing one of my favorite dresses and my friends cardigan. Accidentally a little red wine got spilled on the one i originally wore.